Thirty years ago, it was common to see corporations dedicate resources to fund entire teams of highly experienced traffic and logistics managers to work exclusively within the supply chain responsibilities of their companies.

This is not nearly as prevalent today, as the budgets to support these professionals have often been reduced or eliminated, forcing these functions to be combined into hybrid positions managed by other departments like marketing, sales, finance, customer service, purchasing and other disciplines.

Predictably, there has been some performance fallout from this shift because so many “supply chain” employees have little or no exposure to the inner workings of their day-to-day logistics partners. They often simply do not possess, through no fault of their own, a broad base of knowledge, which would help to maximize their job effectiveness.

As in any other business discipline, where there is a knowledge gap there is a performance gap. And simply stated, performance gaps erode profit. But there are solutions available—through Franklin/Everett’s educational curricula Transportation Essentials™.

Transportation Essentials™ is practical logistics training for your employees that’s totally customizable to their individual and/or group needs. It features tips, techniques and interactive exercises, all designed to be immediately useful tools for them to use in their jobs. Her are some of our most recent seminars.

  • Insider’s Guide to Carrier Operations (LTL, TL, Parcel, International Air and Ocean)
  • Carrier Selection—Picking the right “tool” for the job
  • Demystifying Terms of Sale/Incoterms
  • Negotiating the Maze—Introduction to the National Motor Freight Classification and Proper NMFC commodity classification
  • Importing/Exporting basics
  • Claims Management—Minimize freight claim risk without spending a dime
  • Picking the Winner—Do I Really Need Transportation Technology (TMS).

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