An uncomplicated way to manage your freight—with measurable savings.

Effectively negotiating transportation rates is foundational for profitability in any supply chain. But after the carrier roster has been chosen and the contracts signed, more than 70% of U.S. and Canadian businesses neglect the key piece to the cost optimization puzzle: deploying transportation technology to drive down these sharply negotiated prices even further while improving efficiencies in all departments in your company.

We’re talking about TMS (Transportation Management Software). Franklin/Everett has been involved in the TMS business since it’s inception.

Currently there are hundreds of TMS providers, each offering a slightly different spin on the core TMS value proposition: connecting your business with your carriers in a single web-based system which affords your employees and executive staff permission-based access to all facets of your shipping information.

Here are some basic functions of a TMS which most readily combine to generate surprisingly large returns-on-investment the instant it is deployed.

  • Drill down to the lowest cost/best service carrier on every shipment, every time, automatically. In a matter of seconds. You will never leave money (nor time) on the table again.
  • Understand carrier cost variances with a keystroke.
  • Track shipments, manage fright claims and operational issues all from one simple dashboard.

The number of providers of TMS programs are growing and the various functionalities they offer is vast. So whether your business has a handful of employees or thousands, there is now simply no need to forego the measurable hard and soft cost savings you can enjoy through TMS technology.

If you’d like to explore what a TMS can do for your bottom line, please contact us at Let Franklin/Everett’s decades of experience in the TMS world offer expert guidance on your TMS investment.