Sound management depends on good measurement.

The heart of Franklin/Everett’s value proposition is our promise to you: measurable results. Sound management depends on good measurement

Our introductory work on your behalf most often begins with a clear, concise, apple-to-apples comparison, here’s what you paid, here’s what you would have paid using our expertise. 

Using our data mining capabilities, a Franklin/Everett freight evaluation accomplishes one powerful goal: it gives us critical insight into the true picture of your commodities and shipping patterns. This is crucial as it allows us to truthfully and precisely present the carriers with an accurate cost picture of your freight spend.

And when the carriers have the highest comfort level in the most important component of the pricing decision—the data—they simply price more aggressively.

Bottom line: The carriers deserve transparency in data and in return, you deserve the sharpest possible pricing. Franklin/Everett’s involvement balances the needs of all parties and delivers the win-win.

Are you absolutely sure your company’s freight spend has been optimally packaged and presented to the carrier community by a knowledgeable, bias-free third party like Franklin/Everett? If not, and if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Franklin/Everett’s bid administration and negotiation services, send us a message at We will contact you the next business day to explore the process more fully.